Migrants break through Mexican security to clash at Texas border but were met with pepper spray and riot gear

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According to the New York Post, there was chaos at the Texas-Mexico border as more than a thousand migrants tried to break into U.S. lines.

The migrants were mostly from Venezuela and they tried to break Mexican lines and enter the US to seek asylum.

They were met with pepper spray, barbed wire, shields, and barriers. It was an unsuccessful attempt.

The migrants attempted to enter after reports claimed that they were having problems with a new U.S. government app that would have enabled them to obtain appointments.

BBC News reports that the migrants were actually able to break through Mexican security but were stopped at the US border by agents in riot gear. Some migrants report being pepper-sprayed. There was also a lot of pushing and shoving involved.

At one point, an orange plastic barrier was thrown at the US side and migrants tried to break free.

US border officials claimed the group of migrants was "a potential threat to make a mass entry."

The migrants with several children attempted to cross before retreating back to the Mexican side.

One woman sobbed that she wanted to get through to the US because she wanted to have a future and help her family. She had been trying to cross the border for over a month and was running out of money.

Migrants remain frustrated and the Biden administration is facing criticism for failing to stem their flow into the US.

For now, the administration has promised that they will make updates to the app so that it will allow asylum seekers to book appointments in advance.

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