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Some migrants given a free bus ride to the Canadian border are turning around to return back to New York City

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In the most recent state of events regarding New York City's migrants, there is a controversy that Mayor Eric Adams is coordinating to send NYC migrants to Canada.

However, the mayor has denied this stating that the city has played no part in sending migrants to Canada. Rather, he claims that migrants are interviewed and if they desire to go somewhere else, there are charities that help coordinate people to get to their final destination.

Now Canada's CBC News reports that some migrants who were bused to the Canadian border are actually turning around to head back to New York City.

According to CBC News, migrants believe that getting asylum and finding work is easier in Canada but the reality is that it is not easy at all.

In Canada, community services are already overburdened and are struggling to handle the people entering the border.

An executive director at a refugee center in Canada claims that migrants experience government bureaucracy that results in delays in issuing work permits to migrants.

Faced with these difficulties, some migrants are actually turning around and heading right back to New York City. Initially, it might have seemed that Canada was a good choice, but some are realizing that they might have had it better in New York City.

Canada is well aware that New York City is helping migrants get to Canada by providing them with free bus tickets and there is discussion among politicians about how to prevent migrants from crossing irregularly into Canadian borders through New York City.

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