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New York City migrants are tearing up their U.S. immigration documents as they escape to Canada

Anita Durairaj

Some New York City migrants are abandoning New York to escape to Canada where they believe they may have a better chance.

The New York Post reports that migrants who are fed up with crimes, drugs, and living in New York shelters are abandoning the city and heading towards Canada.

But they aren't just escaping to Canada on their own. According to reports and a National Guard source, military and soldiers are handing out bus tickets to migrants at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

These bus tickets are free for the migrants and are reported to be taxpayer funded.

There are programs for migrants that include "re-ticketing" which is part of a plan to help migrants move to Canada.

Other than the city government, there are also non-profits that are helping migrants who may want to escape the city. If its not Canada, there are other cities within the US that are considered to be more preferable for the migrants.

However, Canada remains a top choice due to its "tradition of welcoming people."

As migrants reach the Canadian border and pass through, there are reports that they tear up their American immigration documents. Perhaps, they feel that they will no longer care to return to the US and they are confident of Canada's welcome.

However, once they enter Canada's border, Canadian Mounties may tell them that they have "entered Canada and are under arrest." This is far from welcoming. They are then escorted into a shed for further processing.

For some migrants, New York is too unsafe with its drugs and homeless people. They wonder if Canada is a better place and are willing to take the risk of leaving the US.

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