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Medical racism or pulling the race card? Urgent care facility refuses to treat a black family after being questioned

Anita Durairaj
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An article in the Daily Dot describes the negative experience that one family had as they visited an urgent care facility.

According to the article, a woman called Jayde posted on TikTok that she had to take her son to a MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care in Kent, Washington. Jayde's son had hurt his arm and was in pain.

When Jayde, her husband, and her son got to the MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care, they were told that there would be a two-hour wait.

Jayde claimed that she and her family were the only black people in the waiting room and at the urgent care facility. But that was not the issue.

She stated that there were other people who came in after Jayde and her family and they were treated first. Meanwhile, Jayde's family had to wait for more than 3 hours.

Eventually, Jayde approached an urgent care employee to tell her that they were still not being seen by the medical staff and to ask if it had something to do with their race.

The employee got upset and responded that their urgent care facility was not racist and that Jayde had pulled the race card. Additionally, she claimed that everyone at the urgent care was feeling uncomfortable so Jayde and her family should leave.

Jayde's son never got treated at the urgent care but Jayde posted her experience on TikTok and the matter has been sent to the MultiCare office where they are reportedly investigating the incident.

While Jayde believed that she and her family had experienced medical racism, some of her TikTok viewers disagreed stating that the urgent care had to follow protocol and patients are seen in order of severity of their illness or injury. Perhaps, the urgent care did not consider Jayde's son to be as serious a case as some of the other patients.

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