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Some New Yorkers are upset that migrants classified as "single, adult men" were given Xboxes and video games by the city

Anita Durairaj

A recent opinion-based editorial in the New York Post claims that New Yorkers were angry at the red carpet welcome that was laid out for migrants.

In the most recent incident, migrants and asylum seekers spent days camped outside the Watson Hotel as a protest against being relocated to another shelter.

The migrants were set against going to the new shelter because they claimed that it would not be as comfortable as the Watson Hotel.

Eventually, New York Mayor Eric Adams put his foot down and had NYPD sweep out the migrants camped on the streets outside the hotel.

The New York Post editorial criticized the migrants for pushing the city to its breaking point.

Migrants who were classified as single, adult men were given a lot of free stuff by the "generous" New Yorkers according to the editorial piece.

While the free stuff ranged from food, and snacks to transportation. In some cases, it became extreme when the men were even provided with Xboxes, video games, and flat-screen TVs.

The migrants reportedly enjoyed playing FIFA video games and watching movies. However, the video games are controversial and has become a sore point with New Yorkers.

The games were provided for the migrants to rest and relax but people are upset because homeless citizens can't get any of this extra free stuff. Even emergency shelters are hard to get for the homeless.

The take-home message of the editorial is that while New York may be a sanctuary city, it was never meant to generously support every migrant in the city.

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