The "Enigma" black diamond is thought to have come from outer space and it sold for $4.3 million

Anita Durairaj
Representation of a black diamondPhoto byAhnode; Public Domain Image

Black diamonds are diamonds with a natural dark coloration, ranging from a deep black to a lighter greyish-black hue.

These diamonds are not treated or enhanced in any way, and their dark color is caused by the presence of graphite or other mineral inclusions within the diamond crystal structure.

Black diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional colorless diamonds, and are used in various jewelry items, such as engagement rings, earrings, and pendants.

The cost of black diamonds can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as size, quality, and origin. On average, black diamonds are less expensive than traditional colorless diamonds, but still, have a relatively wide range in price.

A black diamond that is 2 carats or more may cost anywhere from $600 to $1200. However, nothing compares to "The Enigma."

The Enigma is a billion-year-old black diamond that is thought to have originated from an asteroid in space that may have crashed onto Earth.

It is truly unique and out of this world measuring 555.55 carats in size and cut to contain 55 facets.

Sotheby's auction house has described The Enigma as "one of the rarest, billion-year-old cosmic wonders."

Generally, black diamonds date between 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago and are known to contain trace amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen, and osbornite - a mineral present in meteorites.

The Enigma was placed for auction in 2022 and sold for $4.3 million. Its buyer was thought to be the entrepreneur Richard Heart who opted to use cryptocurrency to purchase the diamond.

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