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"Feeling judged": A 24-year-old black woman marries an 85-year-old white man who is 13 years older than her grandpa

Anita Durairaj
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A married couple from Starkville, Mississippi has been receiving media attention due to their unusual relationship.

The interracial couple, Charles and Miracle Pogue met at a laundromat in Starkville in 2019. Charles is a retired real-estate agent while Miracle is a nurse. They were friends first and then their relationship became romantic.

Charles proposed to Miracle in 2020 and the couple wed the following year.

Their relationship raised eyebrows and some criticism because of the extreme 61 years age gap between them. Miracle is only 24 years old while Charles is 85 years old.

In addition, Charles is 13 years older than Miracle's grandfather who is only 72.

Miracle and Charles have received criticism for their relationship. Initially, Miracle's father wasn't happy about the relationship but he gradually accepted it.

Miracle has also received criticism with some on social media claiming that she could be a gold digger for marrying a much older man. However, the criticism does not seem to faze either of them. Now they are both focused on moving on with their lives and one focus for the couple is having children.

While Charles may be more worldly and experienced than Miracle, he had no children in the past. Now he and Miracle are hoping that they can both have children even if it means having to undergo IVF.

The couple has started searching for an IVF clinic even though Miracle claimed that they felt pre-judged when they went to one clinic. But as long as a clinic can help them have a baby, they will let it pass.

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