A former worker at a megachurch claimed that the poor and disabled were shoved to the sidelines

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A megachurch is a large, non-denominational Christian church that typically attracts thousands of worshippers per week. These types of churches may have a weekly attendance of 2000 or more people.

Megachurches are often influential, and wealthy, and tend to be located in suburban areas.

They are characterized by a focus on charismatic preaching, modern worship music, and large-scale events, and often provide a wide range of community services and programs.

Megachurches can provide a strong sense of community for their congregation. There are other benefits to attending a megachurch including opportunities for socializing, a wide range of programs, ample facilities, and financial resources.

However, not everyone seems to be enamored with megachurches. Some drawbacks may include a lack of personal attention due to the large size of the congregation and a focus on financial giving.

In one case, an article in the Daily Dot reports on the experience of a former megachurch worker, Lexi.

Lexi would not mention the name of her megachurch but she claimed that the church did not always treat its poor and disabled members fairly.

Although the poor and disabled were some of the most devout members of the congregation, they would be shoved to the sidelines so a certain image could be maintained.

Lexi claimed that whenever she placed the poor members in the front row, she got in trouble with church leaders.

Seating people at the front row was important because this area was highly visible in broadcasts of the church's service. However, Lexi claimed that church leaders wanted to place their version of the "right" people at the front.

Lexi's experience may not be really surprising as some megachurches have been implicated in scandals such as financial mismanagement, infidelity, and abuse of power.

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