A man bought a hoarder's house with all the contents in it for $10,000 but what he found inside was worth 40 times more

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An antique shop owner made quite an investment when he snatched up a home belonging to a hoarder for just $10,000. He would also get to own all the contents inside the house.

Alex Archbold, an antique dealer from Canada purchased a house that belonged to a late piano teacher, Bette- Jean Rac who passed away in December 2020.

Alex had known Bette-Jean for a long time and after she died, he had a chance to purchase her home for $10,000. Alex knew that Bette-Jean had a grand piano. He mainly wanted the piano and thought that the contents of the house would only be worth what he paid for - $10,000.

However, he got much more than he bargained for. When he saw the inside of the house, he noticed that it was in an extreme state of hoarding but he decided to take a closer look. There were boxes, trinkets, and bags stacked floor to ceiling in every room and there was dust everywhere.

There were old books, magazines, coins, shoes, and the usual items that may be found in any hoarder's house but he also knew that Bette-Jean was really into fashion so he expected that there would be some designer items and he was right.

Alex found a treasure trove of vintage jewelry and clothing from premium luxury brands such as Chanel, Tiffany, and Burberry.

He also found silver bars, wallets full of cash, and bags filled with gold and diamond jewelry.

Alex's investment in the property for $10,000 had paid off. The items he found were worth $400,000 - 40 times more than what he paid.

Alex put up all the items for auction except for the grand piano that once belonged to Betty-Jean.

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