A man on Bumble sends racist messages to a woman whose ex was black: "I find it off-putting and a bit disgusting"

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Bumble is an online dating application that was created in 2014. It has been described as a feminist dating app because only female users can make the first contact with a matched male in heterosexual matches.

In same-sex matches, either user can make the first contact.

Bumble users swipe left or right to indicate their interest or rejection of a profile.

Sophie Harrison, a 30-year-old accountant from Manchester, UK met a man on Bumble. Initially, there were no red flags and they matched.

After three weeks of messaging, the couple started chatting on WhatsApp, and Sophie felt comfortable adding the man as a friend on her Facebook. However, that is when matters changed for the worse.

Previously, Sophie who is white previously had an ex-boyfriend who was black and his picture still appeared on her Facebook.

When Sophie's new love interest from Bumble saw the pictures of Sophie's ex-boyfriend, he messaged Sophie. Unfortunately, his messages turned very racist fast and Sophie managed to take screenshots of his text messages before the online romance ended.

The man said that he found it "off-putting and a bit disgusting." Sophie told him to get over it but he couldn't leave it alone.

He went on to text that he couldn't imagine his girlfriend being with "one of them" and that "any white lad hates the thought."

He also asked Sophie whether she had only had one black boyfriend or "more of them."

For Sophie, it was an unsettling experience. The man never contacted her again but Sophie remains wary about using dating apps like Bumble.

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