A judge rules that using the F-word at work is ok after an employee sues her boss for using the word

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A 61-year-old woman in the UK, Hasmita Dadhania sued her company, SAP, a software development company after she claimed that her manager belittled and micromanaged her.

According to Hasmita, her boss dropped the F-word when the two of them were discussing a deal. The meeting had taken place in 2020.

The meeting was described by witnesses as "tense" but not personal. Also, Hasmita's boss denied using the F-word when speaking to her.

Eventually, Hasmita was dismissed and ended up suing her company for age, race, and sex discrimination as well as accusing her boss of victimization.

The judge ruled that the F-word is "fairly commonplace and do not carry the shock value they might have done in another time."

In the end, Hasmita won the claim of unfair dismissal from her company but she lost the claims of victimization by her boss as well age, race, and sex discrimination.

Basically, the judge had declared that using the F-word at work was ok.

In another case in the US involving the F-word, a Pennsylvania appellate ruled that a woman had the right to say the F-word to a sheriff's deputy.

The woman was cited with disorderly conduct when she yelled the F-word in anger at a sheriff's deputy after being advised that she needed to wear a mask.

The judge ruled that her language did not rise to the level of "obscene language."

A 2022 survey showed that Americans love using the F-word. The F-word is the most common cuss word in America.

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