A flight attendant reveals why it is not safe to use the toilet paper found on board a flight

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In an article in the New Zealand Herald, a flight attendant who is also a TikToker and an influencer explains why she does not recommend using toilet paper on board a flight.

The flight attendant claims that there is a gross reason not to use airline toilet paper.

And that reason has to do with turbulence and "little boys" who may be using the toilet then. Turbulence leads to instability and the flight attendant states that "little boys who are pointing and shooting, they kind of shoot everywhere." This leads to it shooting out onto the toilet paper which is placed in close proximity to the toilet.

The flight attendant recommends using tissue paper or paper towels as opposed to toilet paper.

Another reason to use paper towels is that it is of higher quality and will not rip or dissolve like toilet paper.

In addition, an American flight attendant claims that major US carriers including Delta and United tend to skimp on toilet rolls.

The flight attendants also recommend using disposable paper toilet seat covers if it is offered by the airline.

Passengers are also highly advised to wear their shoes when going to the bathroom.

Not all airline bathrooms are cleaned regularly. A flight attendant claims that sometimes the bathrooms never get cleaned unless it gets really bad.

Also, on short-haul flights, the ground crew may not have time to clean the toilets. Their main priority is to pick up any trash and get the seats ready for the next group of passengers.

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