A woman grows rings of fungus on her nails after she thought she had a beautiful manicure

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An article in the New York Post describes the experience that one woman had after getting a manicure.

The woman thought she had a beautiful manicure but she ended up with rings of fungus growing on her bare nails. Her nails became a greenish color from the fungal growth.

It all started when the woman went to get acrylics.

Acrylic nails are faux nails that people get when they want to change the shape of their nails or get more nail growth.

The acrylic nails are made from a mix of powder and liquid monomer and then combined into a blob of dough that can be shaped onto the nails with a brush and then air-dried.

The acrylic nails are applied with an adhesive. When it is improperly applied, it can lift and crack the acrylic leading to a fungal infection. This is because moisture gets trapped between the natural nails and the product.

In the case of the woman with the fungal infection, she had also been receiving continuous refills of acrylics without taking the product off completely. The acrylic was just reapplied on top as the nails grew out. All of this led to the presence of moisture under the acrylics.

The woman posted her nail predicament on TikTok and immediately received comments and some helpful advice.

Viewers told her that it was not the nail salon's fault and that she should have been on top of the maintenance.

For those who get manicures on a regular basis, there is a high potential of fungal infections.

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