A server rants about family-owned restaurants: "You are their slave"

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An article in the Daily Dot reports on the experience of a server who worked at a family-owned restaurant.

The server who posted a TikTok video warned her viewers about working in a family-owned restaurant.

She provided a list of reasons explaining why it isn't a good reason to work in such restaurants. She also states that she would rather work in chain restaurants.

The server claims that the first reason not to work for a family restaurant is that they can "work you like a slave." Family-owned restaurants are a family affair and their success depends on everyone putting in as much work as possible.

On the other hand, chain restaurants are more accepting of a server showing up, doing their job, and just leaving. Nothing more is expected when the clock runs out.

The server also lists other reasons such as scheduling, difficulty in getting time off, and being reprimanded for giving customers extras free of charge.

Viewers of her TikTok channel also chimed in with comments that nepotism is rampant in a family restaurant. No matter how hard an employee works, they cannot compete against family members working at the restaurant.

Another viewer agreed that they found it difficult to take time off and the owners of the restaurant would get mad if time off was requested.

In a family-owned restaurant, the owners are personally invested in the business and it is their whole life. It is not unexpected that they could expect the same from their employees.

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