Flight attendants reveal the free "hidden" amenities that passengers can get in economy class

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Flying in economy class is the most affordable option but it can also be a tad bit uncomfortable. Seats are smaller, there is not much leg space, and meal and beverage service are usually limited.

However, economy class does offer some freebies to passengers except most don't know about these amenities. It is a matter of asking the flight attendant.

According to the Travel and Leisure website, there are at least 8 airline freebies that exist in economy class and it's always worth asking the flight attendant about it to make your journey a little more comfortable.

The freebies include basic amenity kits, free bottled water, blankets and pillows, first-aid supplies and medication, headphones, activity books, and even stuffed toys for kids, as well as extra snacks and drinks.

Not all freebies exist on every airline. For example, basic amenity kits may only be offered on long-haul flights and will include a toothbrush/toothpaste, eye shades, and ear plugs.

Blankets and pillows will most likely be available on red-eye flights.

However, all commercial airlines will be equipped with first aid supplies and over-the-counter medication.

For flights with in-flight entertainment systems, you can ask for basic earbuds or pay a few dollars for airline headphones.

To keep kids occupied, some flights may have activity books and even small toys or games.

As for food and drink, you can always ask your flight attendant for seconds if you are still hungry. Depending on availability, they should be able to offer it to you.

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