A flight attendant reveals which seats should not be reserved to avoid sitting near young children

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Young children and babies on a flight may likely cry and get loud, which is a given on every flight.

While it can be difficult for the parents of the young children, it can also be difficult for strangers who may want to enjoy a peaceful flight.

The best solution is to put on your headphones while sitting next to a crying child.

An even better solution is to try and avoid sitting next to young children and according to one flight attendant, that can be done by choosing the right seats and knowing which seats to avoid.

Parents with young children may choose certain seats for their ease and convenience. One type of seat is the bulkhead seat.

On every aircraft, there are seats located against a bulkhead (wall) of the plane. The bulkhead is the wall that divides the crew area, the galley, or a different section of the aircraft. In some aircraft, the bulkhead could also be a curtain or a screen.

Bulkhead seats lack seats in front. Thus, the advantages of bulkhead seats are extra legroom and even space to store your personal belongings. Also, no one can recline their seats in front of you.

Bulkhead seats can be very tempting but that is precisely where you risk sitting next to a young child. On some flights, the bulkhead seats may come equipped with a folding table or bassinet for babies if needed.

Another type of seat to avoid is any seat near the toilet as parents may specifically reserve these for their children.

Exit row seats are the best if you completely wish to avoid sitting next to children as children and infants are excluded from exit row seats.

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