A woman finds a threatening note in a package from fashion retailer Shein: "You are going to die in this suit"

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Shein is an online fashion retailer founded in China but currently, its headquarters are based in Singapore.

The company has attained cult status and mainly seems to target customers in their 20s and 30s. The US is Shein's largest consumer market.

Shein is known for its low prices and has received criticism for its labor conditions and environmental "pollution." There have been allegations of child labor and exploitation of employees. The company's products serve as a prime example of fast fashion.

In June 2022, a video posted to TikTok claimed that Shein workers had written messages on the labels of Shein clothing tags. Some of the messages were reported to have been a call for help.

While it remains uncertain if the messages were genuine or fake, one woman did receive a Shein note in her package but it was a frightening incident for her.

A woman named Amanda posted on TikTok that she had ordered a purple dress from Shein.

When she opened the package, small pieces of paper fell out.

One of the notes that fell out had these words in writing,

"You are going to die in this suit."

The woman states that she immediately washed her hands and put on gloves to handle the package. She also called the local police.

For Amanda, the incident was not a joke. She posted that she would not be trying on or wearing the dress.

Amanda contacted Shein about the threatening note but so far has not received a response from the company.

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