Tragedy struck a lottery winner who blew off $131,000 per week and spent $50 million in eight years

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A Scottish man who won a record-breaking $257.6 million Euro Millions jackpot in 2011 blew threw his cash within eight years only to suffer from kidney disease and die in 2019.

Colin Weir (1947 - 2019) and his wife Christine became Scotland's biggest lottery winners when they won the lottery.

Before winning the lottery, Colin was a cameraman who worked at a Scottish broadcaster while his wife was a psychiatric nurse.

After the couple won the lottery, they began to spend it lavishly on luxury items and investments.

The couple splurged on real estate, cars, horses, and even a football club. They invested in a $6 million property that they had only viewed for 10 minutes before they immediately signed up to buy it. Later, Colin purchased another $1.1 million home.

Colin's fleet of cars included a Jaguar, a vintage Bentley, and premium model Mercedes Benz cars.

The couple also owned three thoroughbred horses and bought a 55% share in a football club. The spending continued with jewelry, furniture, and artwork.

Colin and his wife blew through the lottery cash fast spending $131,000 per week. In eight years, Colin had spent $50 million.

Then the lottery curse struck. The family was targeted by fraudsters and Colin's wife divorced him in 2018 after nearly four decades of marriage. He had to sign over his $6 million property to his wife. It is reported that his wife took most of his fortune in the divorce.

Colin did not live long after that. He suffered from illness with sepsis and kidney failure and died in 2019. He is survived by two adult children.

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