A server was forced to pay for a customer after they walked out on a $300 bill

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The Daily Dot reports the experience of a server at a restaurant who claims that she was forced to pay a customer's bill out of her own pocket after the customer's card was declined.

After the card was declined, the customer walked out and the server was left to handle their unpaid bill.

According to the server of the unnamed restaurant, the customer ordered $300 worth of food and alcohol.

The server did not have to pay the full $300. She ended up paying $70 but she also lost a $55 tip.

Understandably, she was upset and posted on TikTok that servers needed to be treated better and customers should not order stuff that they could not afford.

In addition, she had a few choice words for the customer and hoped that karma would come back to bite them

After the server posted her story, viewers commented that she should not have paid for the customer's bill even in part and that it was against the law.

The comments stated that the restaurant manager should get fired because it is illegal to take a server's pay when a customer's card is declined or they walk out.

According to USA Today, there is a federal wage and hour law that may require an employee to pay the loss from such "dine and dash" customers but only if the employee's wages do not dip below the federal minimum wage.

But the law could vary from state to state and a few states may go further than the federal law and completely prohibit an employer from deducting from the employee's paycheck in such instances.

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