Pilot reveals the sign that passengers can look for to indicate a flight will be hit by bad turbulence

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Turbulence is unavoidable and experienced on every flight.

It is caused when pilots fly their planes through waves of air that are irregular or violent. The violent bursts of air are caused by wind, storms, jet streams, or objects near the plane such as mountain ranges.

There are at least seven different types of turbulence and these are named after their source. The seven different types are wake turbulence, clean air turbulence, thermal turbulence, frontal turbulence, mechanical turbulence, mountain wave turbulence, and thunderstorm turbulence.

It has been reported that no aircraft has ever crashed from turbulence and that passengers need not fear it. Modern aircraft are put through extreme testing to withstand the violent bursts of air resulting in turbulence.

Regardless, it is normal for some passengers to feel nervous and afraid. Generally, it is not an issue on a flight and the pilot will make an announcement to reassure passengers.

However, there is one sign that could indicate that the flight may be hit by bad turbulence.

A British Airways pilot reveals how passengers may be able to tell if they are going to be hit by bad turbulence.

An article in the Sun Magazine reports on the advice provided by Captain Dave, a pilot who has worked for British Airways for 30 years.

According to Captain Dave, turbulence is bad when the pilot requests passengers to sit down and fasten their seat belts.

However, turbulence can get even worse and there is an additional message that pilots send out when they know it will be worse than usual. During this time, the pilots will instruct flight attendants and all cabin crew to sit down and fasten their seatbelts along with the passengers. This is a sign that there could be nasty turbulence ahead.

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