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A woman's $8500 Rolex watch was flushed down the toilet and later she would discover whether it had survived

Anita Durairaj
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Rolex watches are some of the most luxurious watches in the world. They are expensive with the cheapest base models starting in price from $6000 and up.

According to Rolex, their watches are built to resist the harshest of conditions over a long period without their performance degrading. Extreme conditions can include shocks, impacts, temperature variations, humidity, wear and tear, and magnetic fields.

The company claims that every single watch is tested to the extreme before it is allowed to leave the site.

In reality, most Rolex customers are very careful with their watches. However, in a few cases, their precious timepiece may be inadvertently exposed to extreme conditions. This was the case for one woman from Chino Hills, California.

Celia Twiford was gifted a valuable $8500 Rolex watch by her husband.

While she was flushing her toilet one day, her Rolex slipped out of her wrist and dropped right into the toilet as it was being flushed.

Celia tried to get her watch back. She even called two plumbers from the city to help her. Unfortunately, her precious watch was nowhere to be found. The incident took place in 2016.

Eighteen months later, one of the plumbers that Celia had initially contacted found a Rolex in the Chino Hills sewage system. The Rolex was found at a manhole near the location of Celia's residence.

The plumber immediately contacted Celia and she was reunited with the missing Rolex.

Celia cleaned and polished the watch. After a year and a half of being stuck among the mud and sewage, the Rolex emerged shining, clean, and still fully functioning. All that was missing from the watch was one stone.

The incident was truly a testament to the quality and brand name of Rolex watches.

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