A woman has been celebrating the wrong birthday for 74 years because she relied on her hospital birth certificate

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A woman from Indiana was recently shocked to hear that she had been celebrating the wrong birthday for 74 years.

She did not realize the mistake until she went to get her birth certificate from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.

Her date of birth on her official birth certificate was one day off from what she thought was her actual birth date.

The woman had always relied on her souvenir birth certificate. Her souvenir birth certificate had been issued in 1948 from Norton Memorial Infirmary.

Most hospitals in the US do issue souvenir birth certificates which may also contain the footprints of the newborn baby. However, the souvenir birth certificate is not legally accepted when it comes to passport applications or other documentation.

The woman found out the hard way when she wanted to apply for a passport. She was asked to provide an official birth certificate and that was why she headed to the Office of Vital Statistics and noticed the error.

Apparently, in 1948, certificates of live birth were created at the hospital and then forwarded to the local health department. Also, the hospital would have verified the birth date with the parents before forwarding the information.

Could it also have been possible that the hospital wrote up the correct birth date and the Office of Vital Statistics had it wrong?

When she asked the Office of Vital Statistics about it, they told her that they would not have made a mistake and that the birth information filed with the state was the source of truth.

For 74 years, the woman had used the hospital-issued birthdate. Her driving license and all other records and forms that she filled out through the years had this date of birth.

The Legal Aid Society has told the woman that she could potentially sue the Office of Vital Statistics.

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