Only one man is officially known to have survived the two atomic bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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A Japanese man, Tsutomu Yamaguchi (1916 - 2010) was known for being the only official survivor of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

He was officially recognized as being the only one to survive two atomic bombs although there were a few other people who claimed to have survived both as well.

Yamaguchi was a marine engineer and a resident of Nagasaki. On the day that the city was bombed, 6 August 1945, he was heading to work in Hiroshima. The first atomic bomb hit Hiroshima.

In his story, he claimed that he saw the B29 bomber drop the bomb which was attached to two parachutes. Yamaguchi was just 3 kilometers from the epicenter of the blast. He was violently pushed but took cover in a ditch.

Yamaguchi was badly injured but all he cared about was getting home to his family in Nagasaki. He was able to catch a running train and returned to Nagasaki on 8 August 1945.

He was treated at the hospital and returned back to work within 24 hours. Then the second atomic bomb struck Nagasaki.

Yamaguchi was again just 3 kilometers from ground zero but he survived along with his wife and son and lived to tell the tale.

Although he survived two atomic bombs, Yamaguchi was relatively healthy and able to put his experiences behind him. Later, he became a supporter of the abolishment of nuclear arms and disarmament.

He stated that he had been affected by the horror of the devastation of the bombs and saw many disturbing images of the aftermath.

He suffered from the side effects of the bomb and later in life experienced radiation-related ailments such as leukemia and cancer. However, he still lived a relatively long life only dying at the age of 93 in 2010.

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