Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford had a long relationship but she once slapped him so hard that his teeth broke

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Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in the 1946 movie, GildaPhoto byColumbia Picture; Public Domain Image

Classic Hollywood actors Rita Hayworth (1918 - 1987) and Glenn Ford (1916 - 2006) were some of the most glamorous film stars in the 1940s.

Both Hayworth and Ford were costars in at least six movies. But they were more than just co-stars. They were also close friends and reportedly had a decades-long relationship even though they never got married to each other.

According to Ford's son, Peter Ford, his father fell in love with Hayworth and their relationship lasted for decades with Ford even admitting that he had loved her deeply. The partnership of Ford and Hayword started on the set of a movie in 1940.

Hayworth was said to be a gentle and feminine woman. However, an article in Vintage News describes one incident that seemed to prove she could be less than gentle when needed.

On the set of the movie, Gilda (1946), Hayworth and Ford were costars who had an on-screen romance. They played the part with such passion that one scene went a little too far.

In that scene, Hayworth's character was required to slap Ford a few times in the face. The slap was meant to look realistic. Initially, she couldn't do it because it wasn't in her nature to be violent.

However, she was required to immerse herself in the scene and she did by slapping Ford so hard that she ended up breaking a few of his teeth. Ford just carried on with the scene despite being injured.

A few setbacks like this incident did not stop them from becoming friends and lovers.

Their friendship lasted until Hayword passed away in 1989 at the age of 68. Ford was one of the pallbearers of her coffin.

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