Archaeologists claim that the tomb of "Santa Claus" is buried in a Turkish church

Anita Durairaj
St. Nicholas Church in DemreCredit: Dosseman; CC-BY-SA-4.0

The real-life or original Santa Claus is St. Nicholas (270 -343) who lived in Turkey during the time of the Roman Empire.

Nicholas was a Christian bishop of Greek descent who was known for his generosity and kindness in providing help and gifts to those in need.

When Nicholas died, it is thought that his remains were buried in his hometown of Myra in Turkey. However, there are conflicting reports about the location of his tomb and remains. His sarcophagus was kept in the St. Nicholas Church in Demre, Turkey but in 1087, his bones were removed from the sarcophagus and taken to a different location.

Now, archaeologists claim that they have found the exact burial spot of St. Nicholas in Turkey.

The location of Nicholas's tomb is reported to have been found at the base of a fresco of Jesus in the St. Nicholas Church in Demre.

The St. Nicholas Church was first built in A.D. 520 on top of the remains of an older church. The older church would have been the church where Nicholas served as bishop.

The excavation by the archaeologists also revealed the original floor of the older church. The archeologists claim that this is the same floor that Nicholas stepped on while he was bishop.

While the original burial place of St. Nicholas may have been found in Turkey, his remains have now been moved to different places in Italy where they have been enshrined as relics.

The finding of St. Nicholas's tomb comes just at the right time as Christmas 2022 approaches.

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