King Henry VIII of England accused his wife, Anne Boleyn, of having an affair with her own brother

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Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII of England, was found guilty of treason in 1536. She was accused of having extramarital affairs with five men including her own brother, George Boleyn.

George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford was an English courtier and nobleman. Historians believe that he was Anne's younger brother. They would have only been a few years apart.

George was introduced to Henry VIII's court at the age of 10 and became a pageboy to the king. He got married to an English noblewoman but there are no records of the couple having had any children.

George became influential in Henry VIII's court but it is not certain if his sister, Anne, had anything to do with it.

When Henry VIII decided that he could no longer tolerate having Anne as his wife, he had both Anne and George arrested. Moreover, a plot was devised with the intent to discredit Anne and claim that she had an affair with five men including her own brother.

One theory exists that it was George's wife who suggests to the king that there was "undue familiarity" between Anne and her brother.

It was reported that George could be arrogant and even flirtatious with women, but there was no real evidence that he was having an affair with his own sister.

In the end, George was also beheaded like his sister. Right before his execution, he stated that "he deserved a heavier punishment for his other sins, but not from the King, whom he never offended."

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