"British Israelism" is the belief that the British Royal Family is descended from the biblical King David of Israel

Anita Durairaj

In Wikipedia, British Israelism is described as a non-mainstream belief system that claims that the people of Great Britain are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.

Along with this belief system, British Israelism claims that the British Royal Family is of direct lineal descent from the house of King David of Israel. Thus, the British throne is just a continuation of King David's throne.

Tracing the lineage of the British Royal Family using the Bible is supported by institutions such as the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. The society claims that the royal line began with King David and remains unbroken. King David's descendant, King Zedekiah, was the last king of Judah and it was his daughter that provides the link to Britain.

Their theory is that King Zedekiah's daughter, Tea Tephi was taken to Ireland in the 6th century BC where she married a local High King of Ireland. This union produced their descendants who then ruled over Ireland, Scotland, and later England.

There have been many attempts to legitimize Tea Tephi as the link between the House of David and the British Royal Family including published works by British Israelites. However, for historians, the existence of Tea Tephi remains controversial and there are many inaccuracies reported in the published works. Historians also claim that some of the beliefs are antisemitic in nature and that historical and archaeological evidence does not support the claims made by British Israelites.

Today, the British Israel World Federation continues to promote British Israelism. The association still proclaims that the British monarch is the "regent upon the Throne of David."

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