The Stone of Destiny that will be used in the coronation of King Charles III is linked to the biblical prophet Jeremiah

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The Stone of Destiny (also called the Stone of Scone, The Coronation Stone or The Stone of Jacob) will be used in the upcoming coronation of King Charles III.

The Stone of Destiny is just a slab of coarse-grained pinkish-hued sandstone. The rectangular block of sandstone serves as a symbol of Scotland's monarchy. It has also been used for the coronation of England's monarch since 1296 and then the monarchs of Great Britain and the United Kingdom since 1707.

The Stone of Destiny weighs approximately 335 lb., and monarchs would sit on it to be crowned.

It was last used in the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. When she was crowned, the Queen sat on a chair which had the stone built into it.
A replica of the Stone of DestinyCredit: Aaron Bradley from Vancouver, Canada; CC-BY-SA-2.0

There are different legends and myths about the Stone of Destiny. One of the legends is that the stone can be traced back to the character of Jacob in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. In the Bible, Jacob used the stone as a pillow and had a vision in his sleep. He consecrated the stone as it symbolized his vision from God.

The stone was supposedly brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah and then subsequently fell into Scottish hands.

The Stone of Destiny is currently placed on display with the Scottish Crown Jewels in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Now, plans are being made for the stone to be moved back to London for the coronation of King Charles III in Westminister Abbey.

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