A 300-foot subterranean chamber in Jerusalem is the site where the biblical King Zedekiah was blinded

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The story of Zedekiah in the Bible was that he was the last king of Judah before the destruction of Jerusalem by king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

When Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem in 589 BC, Zedekiah and his followers were also caught. Zedekiah suffered terribly as his sons were put to death in front of him and his eyes were put out so that he was blinded.

The location where Zedekiah was said to be imprisoned was called Zedekiah's cave. The drops of water that dripped from the ceiling were known as "Zedekiah's tears."

Zedekiah's cave is also called Solomon's Quarry. It is a limestone rock quarry that still exists under the Old City of Jerusalem. It runs the length of five city blocks under the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

Historians don't have evidence to prove that the rock quarry was where Zedekiah was imprisoned, but the quarry itself is a 300-foot-long subterranean chamber that seems to be man-made and hollowed out. The whole area covers five acres.

The cave was also used by Herod the Great for his building projects. Eventually, the cave was sealed until 1854 when it was discovered by an American missionary.

Zedekiah's Cave remains a source of legend and mystique for several groups including Christians, Freemasons, and Arabs.

The cave has served as a tourist hotspot and a source of attraction for various cultural and musical events.

However, the cave is now closed for renovation (as of 2022) and it is not certain when it will be open to the public again.

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