Scientists claim that the Earth could be in danger of flipping its magnetic poles

Anita Durairaj

Scientists estimate that the Earth's magnetic field came into existence at least 4 billion years ago. Since then, the Earth's magnetic poles have reversed several times. In a reversal, the magnetic north and south poles swap places.

In the last few million years, the Earth's magnetic field has switched 10 times and the most recent switch occurred 780,000 years ago.

Scientists anticipate that the Earth is once again on the brink of a magnetic pole reversal.

Typically, there are always fluctuations in the magnetic field as the field originates from the Earth's core. As to what could possibly happen when there is a pole reversal, some scholars expect that the consequences could be dire.

When the magnetic shield fails, communications could go down and dangerous cosmic rays could bombard every human being.

An alternate scenario could be that the magnetic field will weaken but it will not completely disappear.

The magnetic field has been decaying for the last 3000 years according to scientists. It has gone through a cycle of decay where the field drops in strength significantly before recovering. However, in the last 3000 years, it has also been losing its intensity. And scientists predict that it could drop to near zero in a few centuries or at least a thousand years.

Currently, the scenario is that the magnetic field continues to weaken. The danger is that the pole reversal could be sooner than later and may even take as short a time as 100 years. Humans will need to be prepared in advance for this scenario.

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