A company backed by Matt Damon accidentally sent a customer $10.7 million but the mistake was not caught for 7 months

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Caricature of Matt Damon by Karl Meersman.Credit: Karl Meersman; CC-BY-SA-3.0

Crypto.com is a company that claims that they are the world's fastest-growing crypto company. Recently, they teamed up with Hollywood superstar Matt Damon to promote the company in an ad called "Fortune favors the Brave."

Damon did receive some flack for appearing as the pitchman for Crypto.com because cryptocurrencies in general can be volatile. However, the company is also in the news for an accidental mistake they made with $10.5 million (Australian dollars).

According to USA Today, the company accidentally transferred $10.5 million AUD into a woman's account when they were supposed to have processed a $100 refund.

The woman was named Thevamanogari Manivel and she received the money back in May 2021 but evidently, she never reported the accidental deposit. In the meantime, the company was also unaware that they had made a huge mistake.

The mistake was made because the company entered her bank account number in the payment amount field instead of the $100 value. In the meantime, it took the company 7 months to notice the error when an audit was carried out in December 2021.

Instead of returning or reporting the money, Manivel transferred the money to other accounts and spent it on herself and her family. She reportedly bought a mansion for herself in Melbourne, Australia.

In the meantime, Crypto.com is having some difficulty getting the money back from Manivel. They have taken the case to court. The court has requested that Manivel sell the property she purchased from the "accidental money" and give back the funds to the company. The court case is scheduled to begin again in October.

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