Queen Elizabeth II owned the rarest pink diamond but the largest pink diamond in the world was only found this year

Anita Durairaj

Pink diamonds are rarely found in nature. It is reported that less than 3% of all diamonds are colored. And from this 3% of colored diamonds, only 5% are pink.

The diamond becomes a pink color because it undergoes "plastic deformation" during its formation. There are 13 notable pink diamonds in the world today.

One of the rarest pink diamonds in the world is the Williamson pink diamond which was owned by the late Queen Elizabeth II. The Williamson pink diamond is rare because it is flawless.

It was first found in East Africa in the Williamson diamond mine in 1947. When the stone was found, it was 54.7 carats. The owner of the mine gifted the pink diamond as a wedding present to Princess Elizabeth who was about to marry Prince Phillip in 1947.

Queen Elizabeth II later had the diamond cut to 23.60 carats and Cartier was commissioned to set the pink diamond in a brooch for the Queen.

While the British Royals currently own one of the rarest pink diamonds in the world, they do not own the largest pink diamond.

The largest pink diamond is now reported to be the Lulo Rose. The Lulo Rose diamond was discovered in Angola in a mine owned by the Lucapa Diamond Company.

The discovery of the Lulo Rose gemstone was only announced in July 2022 and it is reported that it could fetch up to $100 million if it is sold.

The rough cut Lulo Rose diamond is 170 carats in size and is the largest pink diamond to date.

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