Fackler, AL

The beauty of America's most photographed sinkhole, the "Neversink Pit" lies in its underground waterfalls

Anita Durairaj

The Neversink Pit in Fackler, Alabama is one of the most photographed sinkholes in the world. It is a limestone, open-air, sinkhole that drops 162 feet into the Earth.

The Neversink Pit (also known as the Neversink Preserve) is located in Jackson County. It is a rare, natural phenomenon that is known for its underground waterfalls. The sinkhole itself is 40 feet wide at the top and 100 feet at the bottom.

The pit is said to have formed by the action of acidic water that eroded the rock beneath the ground. This would have occurred over thousands of years of erosion.

For spelunkers and cavers who have dropped down to the bottom of the pit, the beauty of the sinkhole lies in its ribbony waterfall cascades and the fern-like plants that surround the pit. In winter, the waterfalls freeze into columns of ice.

Only experienced climbers are encouraged to try to climb down to the 100 feet-wide bottom. However, the view from the top can be just as stunning.

Experienced climbers who reach the bottom of the pit tend to find snakes, frogs, salamanders, and endangered flora. Meanwhile, the waterfalls also pour into the deep cavern.

Cavers are required to obtain a permit before exploring the pit. The permit is handed out by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy.

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy aims to protect the natural beauty of the Neversink Pit. Climbers are warned not to disturb the flora and ecosystem of the sinkhole but the site remains an inspiration for both climbers and photographers.

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