The Saddle Ridge Hoard was the largest stash of buried gold treasure in the U.S.

Anita Durairaj
Saddle Ridge Hoard treasure of gold coinsCredit: Kagin's Inc.; CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Saddle Ridge Hoard is a treasure of 1,427 U.S. gold coins discovered in 2013 by a California couple who were walking their dog on their own property. The gold was discovered in the Gold Country of Sierra Nevada, California.

As the couple walked their dog, they discovered a rusty metal can sticking up out of the ground. They ended up finding eight metal cans with gold coins stashed in them. The coins were dated between 1847 and 1894 and were struck at various mints such as the San Francisco Mint, the Philadelphia Mint, the Carson City Mint, and the Dahlonega Mint.

One of the lids of the metal can even had a label- "J.A. Folger & Company Golden Gate Company Baking Powder." J.A. Folger is most famous for being the founder of the coffee company that bore his surname. The metal cans could be dated back to the 1800s.

As for the coins, numismatists determined that the coins were very rare. The coins were also never circulated and were in mint condition. In fact, some of the coins were estimated to be $1 million each. Altogether, the Saddle Ridge Hoard was valued at $10 million.

The discovery of the gold treasure was only made public in 2014 as the couple wanted to remain anonymous and prevent treasure seekers from trespassing on their private property.

According to some reports, the couple later decided to sell the coins. Some of the coins were even listed for sale on Amazon.

The original owner of the gold coins remains unknown.

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