Bowling Green, KY

The only town in Kentucky with a high number of rare, white squirrels

Anita Durairaj

Some rare squirrels in nature have white coats. The white coloring of the squirrels can be due to a few factors such as albinism and another condition called leucism.

A squirrel with albinism tends to have red eyes because its cells are incapable of producing melanin. A squirrel with leucism exhibits partial loss of pigmentation resulting in white, pale, or patchy skin coloration. Albinism and leucism may be due to genetic aberrations or mutations.

There are currently a few places in the eastern U.S. with high numbers of white squirrels. One of those places is located in Kentucky in the town of Bowling Green.

While white squirrels may be present in other places in Kentucky, they exist in higher populations in Bowling Green. In fact, Bowling Green has even been called the "White Squirrel Capital" of Kentucky.

They are especially abundant on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

Most of the white squirrel population in Bowling Green is not due to albinism. Rather, the white squirrels are just white versions of the Eastern Gray Squirrel and their condition arises from leucism.

The white squirrels are thought to have been present in the Bowling Green area for the past 80 years.

Scientists believe that the squirrels increased in number in the area because there were fewer predators and human interference resulted in favoring the white squirrels over the gray-colored squirrels.

White squirrels are considered to be unique, rare, and beautiful. Scientists are interested in studying the genes and mutations that may have led to their condition.

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