A larger boulder looms over this small town in Kentucky but it poses no threat

Anita Durairaj

Pineville is located in Bell County, Kentucky on a strip of land between the Cumberland River and Pine Mountain.

There is a large rock outcropping on the slopes of Pine Mountain that looms over the town of Pineville. This rock formation known as Chained Rock has become a historical landmark in Pineville.

The origin of Chained Rock is partly from nature and partly an embellishment by the residents in the area to create a legend that is also now a tourist attraction.

According to legend, the children of Pineville had been told that there was a danger that the boulder or rock hanging over the town could come tumbling down. However, they were also told that there was a chain anchored to the rock that would prevent this from occurring. In reality, there was no such chain until 1933.

In 1933, a chain was anchored to the rock. The boulder was officially fastened to the adjacent cliff with a huge 101-foot heavy-duty chain to prevent a "calamity." The chain was so huge that it weighed 1.5 tons and was anchored to the rock with 30-inch bolts.

Today, Chained Rock is a tourist attraction that provides a hiking trail and wonderful, majestic views of the Cumberland Mountains and the town of Pineville. There is even an informational plaque erected next to the rock that provides an explanation for the chain.

However, according to Roadside America, climbing up to the actual chain is not an easy feat. It is not recommended for children or weak adults.

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