The largest natural diamond in the Universe is trillions of carats

Anita Durairaj

The largest diamond in the universe is not located on the planet Earth. Instead, it is a white dwarf star called V886 Centauri or BPM 37093. A white dwarf star is considered to be a "dead" or extinct star.

V886 Centauri is literally a diamond floating in space. The diamond is the core of the white dwarf star and is estimated to be 10 billion trillion trillion carats.

V886 Centauri is 50 light-years away from the Earth and is located in the constellation Centaurus. It is a radiant shining star and it undergoes constant pulsations. Scientists measured the pulsations to determine the composition of the star's interior.

The star is mostly composed of the elements carbon and oxygen but scientists studying the interior of the star discovered that it contains carbon that has solidified to become a massive diamond. The diamond formation occurs as the white dwarf star cools and its material crystallizes starting at its center. The diameter of the star is 4000 kilometers.

Scientists have discovered that more than 90% of the mass of V886 Centauri has already crystallized.

V886 Centauri has been nicknamed "Lucy" after the Beatles hit song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

It is the largest diamond in the galaxy and according to scientists, it serves as evidence of the future of the Solar System. Scientists state that our Sun could also die in five billion years and become a white dwarf star. It is very likely that it will also become a diamond similar to V886 Centauri.

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