Old papyrus fragment was worded to imply that Jesus had married but then it turned out to be fake

Anita Durairaj

It was 2012 when the world was stunned at the finding of a papyrus fragment that ended up being called the Gospel of Jesus's Wife.

The Gospel of Jesus's Wife was an old fragment that included 33 words in Coptic text (Coptic language goes back to the Hellenistic Period of the 2nd Century A.D.).

There were two words in the papyrus fragment that was of great interest to Biblical scholars and historians - "My wife"

In the text, Jesus seemed to be talking about his mother and another woman whom he referred to as "My wife." The text was fragmented and some parts of the papyrus were illegible but the reference to the words "my wife" indicated that the historical Jesus had gotten married.

The notion that Jesus might have been a married man took some people by surprise but some historians were not convinced of the authenticity of the papyrus or the text.

After several investigations and scientific testing into the authenticity of the papyrus, it was determined that the papyrus was indeed old but there was a high possibility that the text could have been written and copied by a forger.

To date, the Gospel of Jesus's Wife remains controversial because there is no clear evidence to support its authenticity and the origin of the papyrus remains murky. Most historians have deemed the fragment and text to be fake. It is possible that the papyrus was solely used to garner attention.

For now, the original papyrus has been relegated to the custody of the Department of Homeland Security.

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