The most expensive iPhone costs $2.6 million and is designed with gold, platinum, and flawless diamonds

Anita Durairaj

Designer Stuart Hughes is selling the world's most expensive iPhone at a staggering cost of $2.6 million (conversion from British Pounds 1,930,000).

Stuart Hughes is a British designer who exclusively focuses on merging technology with the highest aspects of luxury. His company is aptly named Goldstriker International.

His website is a feast for the eyes and for those who can afford the most expensive items in the world. Products include luxury cell phones, iPads, laptops, and even miscellaneous items such as aquariums, furniture, cars, and liquor.

Each item is uniquely designed and some items are made bespoke for the crème de la crème of customers.

Currently, the Stuart Hughes website lists the most expensive iPhone as the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose (see picture on the website). It is not clear if this iPhone is the newest version which would be the iPhone 13 or an older model.
Picture by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

Regardless of the model of the phone, it is an exquisite masterpiece made of platinum, rose gold, flawless diamonds, and pink baguette diamonds (2.5 carats each). Altogether, there are more than 114 carats of diamonds including a 7.1-carat diamond that seems to be ingrained into the home button of the iPhone.

For the more budget-conscious luxury consumer, there are cheaper options such as a 24ct gold iPhone 8 listed for $4,344 (conversion from British Pounds 3,195).

Stuart Hughes's customers include the world's richest. It was reported that Nita Ambani, billionaire, and wife of India's richest man, owns the world's most expensive iPhone which she obtained at a cost of $48.5 million from Stuart Hughes.

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