The heaviest venomous snake in the world is native to the United States

Anita Durairaj

According to the Natural History Museum, the heaviest venomous snake in the world is the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. It is also the largest rattlesnake in the world.

The Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) is native to the Southeastern United States. It is found in Florida, North Carolina, West Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The Guinness World Records lists the heaviest Eastern Diamondback on record as weighing 34 lbs and 7 ft 9 inches long. This snake as listed by the Guinness World Records was shot by a hunter in 1946.

The average Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake weighs 12 - 15 lbs and can measure 5 - 6 feet in length.

Along with its large size, the Eastern Diamondback has a large, broad head and long fangs that can grow to a length of over one inch.

Recently, an albino version of the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake took social media by storm. Weighing over 7 feet long and 20 lbs, the albino snake holds a record as being one of the largest living Eastern Diamondbacks.

While there are other venomous snakes such as the King Cobra and the Gaboon Viper that are almost as heavy as the Eastern Diamondback, they don't hold the record as the heaviest venomous snake.

Currently, there is concern that the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake population is on the decline. In some states, the snake is rarely spotted. The last time the snake was spotted in Lousiana was in 1995. In North Carolina, the snakes are now being protected from being killed.

The species may be added to the Endangered Species List upon further consideration.

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