This nuclear weapon's blast was equivalent to 3800 Hiroshima bombs detonated simultaneously

Anita Durairaj

The most powerful nuclear weapon that was ever created and tested has its origins in the Soviet Union.

It was called the Tsar Bomba or "King of Bombs" and it was known as the largest and most powerful nuclear weapon ever created by man.

The Tsar Bomba was a hydrogen aerial bomb that was developed and tested by the Soviet Union in 1961. It was secretly tested by the Soviet Union over a remote island called the Novaya Zemlya Island that lay north of the Arctic Circle. The bomb was air-dropped and detonated 4 kilometers above the ground.

Tsar Bomba's blast was reported to be more powerful than 50 million tons of TNT and it was felt hundreds of miles away.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization declared that the Tsar Bomba had the power of 3,800 Hiroshima bombs detonated simultaneously.

The Tsar Bomba was developed as a 100 megaton weapon in 1961 but when it was tested the Soviet engineers reduced the yield to 50 megatons to reduce the risk of a nuclear fallout.

The effects of the blast during the test included a seismic shock wave that was felt around the world. The blast was so powerful that it could potentially cause third degree burns even at a distance of hundreds of kilometers away. The ring of absolute destruction from the blast is projected to have a radius of 35 kilometers.

The island which served as the test site was also leveled as flat as a skating rink.

By creating and testing the bomb, the Soviet Union demonstrated its power in the 1960s. However, by 1963, the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which would prohibit the testing of airborne nuclear weapons.

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