Ancient texts reveal a more malevolent and unkind version of Jesus as a child

Anita Durairaj

Jesus' childhood remains a mystery for biblical scholars. After the account of his birth, there is very little mention in the Bible about his childhood.

The Gospel of Luke narrates a visit that Jesus made to the temple when he was 12 years old but there is no other mention of his childhood.

However, there is another text called the Infancy Gospel of Thomas written in the mid to late 2nd century AD that purports to describe the life of Jesus from the age of 5 to 12. The texts are attributed to an author called "Thomas, the Israelite." His relationship to Jesus remains unknown.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is not accepted in mainstream Christianity as it is considered to be inauthentic and heretical. However, it aims to fill in the gaps in the Bible pertaining to Jesus' childhood.

Even more interesting, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas depicts a more malevolent and unkind version of Jesus.

The texts state that Jesus started performing miracles at the age of 5. Some of his miracles were harmless such as making clay pigeons and bringing them to life. He also brought a dead boy back to life and healed a man who suffered a fatal injury. However, other miracles were malevolent and hint that Jesus may have had a more complex personality.

In one instance, Jesus cursed a child who had drained some water that Jesus himself had collected. After Jesus cursed the child, he withered and fell ill or died.

In another instance, Jesus got angry at a boy who bumped him on the shoulder. He cursed the boy who died on the spot.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas hints that people were afraid of the child Jesus because of his powers and his wisdom.

While the boy Jesus was shown to get angry, the texts claim that Jesus would later lift the curses he had placed on some people and they came back to life.

Jesus performed many more miracles as a child, raising the dead and healing the gravely wounded. He astonished the people with wisdom beyond his years.

The last account of Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas seems to be in accordance with the Gospel of Luke in the Bible. At the age of 12, Jesus is shown to teach and question the elders in the temple about the law and the parables of the prophets.

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