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This place in Kentucky holds a stockpile of U.S. chemical weapons

Anita Durairaj
Picture by PEO ACWA; Wikimedia Commons; CC-SA-2.0

The Blue Grass Army Depot is located southeast of Richmond and Lexington. It is an army storage facility for munition and chemical weapons.

The depot holds a stockpile of chemical agents including sarin, VX, and mustard gas. It reportedly holds two percent of the chemical weapons stockpile in the U.S. The weapons include 155 mm projectiles, 8-inch projectiles, and M55 rockets.

Storage of chemical weapons began in the 1940s. Now, in the present day, the depot is focused on the destruction of the stockpile of chemicals. In fact, a chemical weapons destruction facility has been built to destroy the stockpile of chemicals. It is called the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant.

The destruction of the chemical weapons is in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

Most recently, in September 2021, the last of the mustard gas 155 mm projectiles were destroyed. M55 rockets containing nerve agents were also destroyed earlier in 2021. Almost 18,000 rockets are set to be dissembled.

The depot has had its share of controversy. Throughout the last decade or more, there have been multiple chemical leaks at the depot including sarin and mustard gas leaks.

The source of some of the leaks was their 155 mm rockets.

Interestingly the Blue Grass Army Depot has also been likened to Area 51 in Nevada. Rumors have existed since the 1990s that there have been black helicopters and UFOs sighted in the area.

The Blue Grass Army Depot is on target to have all its chemical weapons destroyed by December 2023.

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