Kentucky is ranked top for living off-the-grid

Anita Durairaj
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There are several factors to consider when you are looking to live off the grid. The most important factors are climate, water access, power, road access, environmental threats, and cost. Additionally, depending on the state, you would have to abide by building codes and laws.

There are a few states in the U.S. that have been graded highly by the website Backdoor Survival as being fantastic for off-the-grid living. These include Tennessee, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Kentucky, Texas, Idaho, Ohio, and Missouri.

Out of all these states, one state stands out as being the top in America for off-the-grid living. The website The Center Square ranks Kentucky at the top.

Evidently, Kentucky's laws are amenable towards off-the-grid living. There are 120 counties in Kentucky and about half are rural with no zoning ordinances. Kentucky has more relaxed zoning ordinances than other states. Moreover, land in Kentucky is relatively cheap.

Kentucky's building codes are also poorly enforced especially in rural areas. While this may seem problematic, it can be a blessing for those who want to live off the grid as you are free to explore and do whatever you want on the land. In some instances, you can even be connected to off-grid electric systems. You can also set up an off-grid water system.

If you are interested in off-the-grid living in Kentucky, you won't be alone, there are already several thousands of people living this way in the state. For example, thousands of Amish are living off-the-grid in Kentucky.

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