This snake is extremely venomous and is only found in one state in the U.S.

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Hawaii doesn't really have any terrestrial or land snakes except for a tiny black snake called the Brahminy Blind Snake that is non-venomous. However, Hawaii is an archipelago and surrounded by waters so there could be some sort of snake - sea snakes.

The general rule is that there are no sea snakes in Hawaii and if you do see one, you might be seeing an eel (the Saddled Snake Eel). Contrary to this observation, people have sighted sea snakes that are definitely not eels.

The particular sea snake sighted in Hawaiian waters is the Yellow-Bellied sea snake and it is extremely venomous. As its name implies, it has a yellow-colored underside.

The Yellow-Bellied sea snake, Pelamis Platurus, is the most widespread snake species on the earth. It is mainly distributed in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

Its venom is a powerful nerve toxin that acts by blocking messages from the nerves to the muscles. Death can occur through respiratory, heart, or kidney failure.

Although the Yellow Bellied sea snake is found in Hawaii, it is not really native to Hawaii. It is mostly present in tropical waters but sometimes gets swept away to cooler waters which is why it was found in Hawaii.

Yellow Bellied snakes may be venomous but they are not aggressive. They tend to flee from humans. Either way, it is quite rare to spot one in the waters in Hawaii.

If you do see a Yellow-Bellied snake, you are supposed to stay away from it and not provoke it. Due to its coloration, it will appear blue in the water.

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