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The Hollywood stars who lived in Kent, Ohio

Anita Durairaj
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Kent is a college town in Ohio. It is the home of Kent State University which was first founded in 1910. Kent was also the home of a few of Hollywood's superstars.

Here are some of the most noteworthy people who lived in Kent.

Michael Keaton
Michael KeatonImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Batman lived in Kent!! Michael Keaton (1989 and 1992 Batman movies) was originally from Pennsylvania but he lived in Kent for two years when he was studying speech at Kent State University.

Keaton never graduated from the university but he does have fond memories of his time in Kent.

I never really liked school until I came to Kent State, and that's the truth. When I came here to Kent, it really changed, and I'm not just saying that. Here in Kent, I have fond memories not only of the place but mostly of my experiences. - Michael Keaton

In 2018, Keaton returned to Kent to speak to graduating students at Kent State. He ended his speech with the line "I'm Batman".

Drew Carey
Drew CareyImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

Drew Carey, actor and comedian, also lived in Kent when he was a student at Kent State. Carey was actually born and raised in Cleveland.

At Kent State, he was a part of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Unfortunately, Carey was not a good example of a bright student. He was expelled twice because he was academically poor and then he left the university after 3 years before he could graduate. Carey also suffered from depression and it is reported that he tried to commit suicide while he was at Kent.

Still, Carey has turned out to be a great success so it doesn't matter that he never graduated. You can't believe he was ever depressed whenever he appears on The Price is Right.

Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

Steve Harvey is one of the most famous comedians and talk show hosts. He most famously hosts the Miss Universe pageants and Family Feud.

Harvey is originally from West Virginia but he also attended Kent State. While Harvey was at Kent State, he pledged Omega Psi Phi. Harvey is very involved with Kent State. In 2019, he awarded incoming freshmen students thousands in scholarships. The scholarships were targeted towards students of color.

Harvey always remembers Kent State as his favorite stomping ground.

And more,

Other stars who lived in Kent include Arsenio Hall, Ray Wise, and John de Lancie. Arsenio Hall is known for being a talk show host and for acting in the movie, Made in America. Ray Wise has acted in Jeepers Creepers, Robocop, and Twin Peaks. John de Lancie is famous for his character Q in the Star Trek series. He has also acted in Days of Our Lives, and Breaking Bad.

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