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Employees at Keyes Creamery in Havre De Grace berated for wearing masks

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Keyes Creamery located at 349 Hopewell Road in Havre de Grace, MD is a family business. The creamery has its own dairy herd where they create specialty cheeses and premium ice cream.

On June 2, 2021, the creamery sent out a statement on their Facebook page that their employees had been facing issues from customers for wearing masks. Some customers ended up berating and talking down to the employees for wearing masks.

Keyes Creamery wanted to make it clear to their customers that it was their decision to have their employees continue to wear masks for their own safety. This would only be for a few weeks until the situation became more normal. They also state they do not require the customers to wear masks and the mask-wearing is only for the benefit of the employees.

Statement from Keyes Creamery

Here is their statement,

What we are asking is that you treat them with respect during this time. If you have a complaint please take it up with the business manager and the owners! We try to ensure the safety of our staff and customers and have done very well over the past year. Please do not make this a political debate or berate others for how they feel. - Keyes Creamery on Facebook

Customers on Facebook have responded with the utmost kindness and understanding stating that they appreciate that Keyes Creamery is taking care of their employees and placing safety first. Some customers are promising to visit the creamery to provide them with extra business in light of this unpleasant situation.

If you do decide to check out Keyes Creamery, here is what you can expect;

A review of the creamery

The creamery has received rave reviews on Google Reviews and it is ranked 4.7 stars out of 5. Their specialty is that everything is homemade. Customers only have good things to say about their ice cream, cheese, and butter products. For example, their Key Lime Pie ice cream seems to be a big hit with the customers.

While it might seem like the place is a little out of the way and the entrance is hard to find, most customers have found it to be a worthwhile visit to the creamery.

For the summer, their hours are noon to 9 pm. They will be open on July 4th and on Labor Day. For ice cream aficionados, they have new flavors coming out including Graham Cracker, Orange Dream, Coffee, and Cotton Candy. Other special summer flavors are Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberries and Cream, Dark Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Sweet Old Bay, Red Velvet, Banana, and Coconut.

If you are in the Havre de Grace area, do support Keyes Creamery. You get delicious ice cream and a record of safety all in one go!

Source: Keyes Creamery Facebook page

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