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Covington's very own Futuro House

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The Futuro House resembles a flying saucer and there is one in Covington. It is located at 224 Wright Street. It is very odd-looking but definitely cool.

Painted silver on the outside, this flying saucer house definitely resembles something out of the movie ET, the Extraterrestrial. Also, the entrance to the house is similar to an airplane hatch.


Covington isn't the only location of the Futuro House. In fact, there are quite a few Futuro Houses scattered in different locations in North America and Europe.

The Futuro House is described as a round, prefabricated house. It was first designed by Finnish architect, Matti Suuronen who built several of these types of houses in the 1960s and the 1970s.

The Future House is unique because it is constructed out of plastic material. Suuronen designed the house to be transportable and it was originally designed to serve as a ski chalet. The most unique aspect of the house is that it can be dismantled and reassembled quite easily. The house can be used for personal or commercial use. It has also been designed to be used as a bank inside a mall.

American Futuro Houses were further altered to be made more spacious and include bigger windows

The Futuro House in Covington was first purchased by Rob Detzel in 1973 for a Home and Garden Show exhibit. Detzel bought the Futuro House as a marketing tool for his construction business. Later, he relocated the house to Covington in 1976.

Detzel also made some alterations to the Covington Futuro House. He added extra windows making the total number of windows in the house to 10. Futuro Houses are typically mounted on concrete pads but Covington's Futuro House is supported by long steel beams that are set in the concrete pads.

A part of Covington

Although the Futuro House is privately owned, it has been memorialized as a part of Covington. A decorative mural about Covington has depicted the Futuro House as an "important element that gives the city its reputation."

The Futuro House has even been featured on mosaics as part of the "Millenium Mosaic Project" by a local artist.

A Cincinnati Radio Station even celebrated the 40 anniversary of the Futuro House with the party being hosted by Detzel.

As for the interior of the house, most people may not get to see it but it is clear from pictures that Detzel decorated the house in a futuristic theme.

Even the mayor of Covington declared the site of the Futuro House to be Area 89 and she presented Detzel with the keys to the city.

The Futuro is no longer being produced. There are less than 100 Futuro Houses around the world now.

Today, there are many visitors who stop by just to see the exterior of the Futuro House. You can't go inside but you could try knocking on the door and just maybe someone may let you in to see this once-in-a-lifetime and very unique house.

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