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The Cat Cafés of Louisville, Kentucky

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Cat lovers in Louisville are having a blast. There are at least a few cat cafés in Louisville where one can relax with a cup of coffee or cocktail, pet a cat, and consider adopting one to take home with them.

Cat cafés have been all the rage since they first became popular in Asia in 2005. The concept of a cat-themed eatery has its origins in Taiwan where the first one opened in 1998. The popularity of this then spread to Japan and the rest of the world. By 2018, there were 255 cat cafés in 37 different countries. 

It wasn’t until recently that cat cafés opened up in the United States in 2014. Only a few years later, and Louisville already has 2 such cafés. Today, Louisville has the Lucky Cat Café and Lounge and Purrfect Day Café.

Purrfect Day Café

According to Tripadvisor, the Purrfect Day Café has been ranked among the top 20 things to do in Louisville for fun and games. To visit the café, it is recommended to book a reservation online. 

Online reviews have praised the place for being high in safety and cleanliness for both humans and cats. The place is spacious and humans can partake in drinks and snacks. 

Even if you are not a cat lover and don’t want to play with the cats, you can simply sip your drink and watch other people interact with the cats. For safety measures, people play with the cats in a separate room from where food and drinks are served.

The fun part is that you may also get to play with kittens in addition to adult cats. Adoptions are always an option whenever you find a cat or kitten that is special to you. The café works with a shelter to find homes for the cats.

Due to Covid-19, masks are recommended when visiting the café.

Lucky Cat Café and Lounge

The Lucky Cat Café is considered to be the only non-profit cat café in Louisville. The location is actually an older home with cats allowed to roam freely through 3 rooms. The rooms are filled with cat toys and towers. Reservations should be made ahead of time. 

Cat adoptions are also allowed at this place and there are staff and volunteers to help visitors with the cats.

Unlike the Purrfect Day Café, the focus is less on the drinks and snacks as the menu is more limited. However, both cafés are perfect when you just want to spend time with cats.

Reviewers have mentioned that since the café is situated in a house instead of a commercial building, the setting is cozier and more relaxing. 

Are Cat Cafés Good or Bad?

Louisville’s cat cafés have received rave reviews from their customers. Despite the positivity, there is also some controversy about cat cafés.

According to cat expert Nicky Trevorrow,

Cat cafés are not a suitable environment for cats because they are in a confined space with a revolving population of people.

Some animal organizations claim that it is not recommended to keep large numbers of cats together.

Behavior experts state that cats prefer to live in small groups and rely on stability and familiarity. Cat cafés are not representative of a stable and familiar environment because it is filled with strangers who pet the cats.

In addition, a lot of cat cafés are for-profit businesses and sometimes, they don’t work well with non-profit shelters and rescues which are a source of their animals.

Finally, there can be animal abuse issues when maintenance and hygiene are not given a priority. This is not to say that this occurs in Lousiville’s cat cafés but this is something to be aware of.

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