Does She Like You? What Signs to Look for on a Video Date

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A few days ago, I happened to watch a video interview between two of the hottest actors to grace the Netflix screen in the last year. The actors were Rege Jean-Page and Phoebe Dynevor, the stars of the Netflix hit series, Bridgerton.

On-screen, these two actors were magnetic. Their chemistry in Bridgerton was undeniable when they stared into each other’s eyes and went through the motions of the steamy sex scenes. So, it was really interesting to see if these two actors could experience the same attraction off-screen. After all, they are reportedly both single and their fans (me included) want to ship them.

With the pandemic still in full-swing, the actors were only in contact with each via Zoom or video call. When I watched their video interviews, I looked for clues to determine if there was a way to tell if they liked each other. 

There were so many subtle clues and body language signs throughout the video interview that seemed to suggest the actors could be more than just friends. There were the obvious signs like the blushing, flushing, and the smiling. There were also less obvious signs that could point to an attraction between the couple.

Naturally, I wanted to explore and do a little bit of research on the less obvious signs that could indicate that a couple has the hots for each other. However, this article is for the guys so we will focus on how you can tell if a woman actually likes you on a Zoom video call. 

The Subtle Signs

1.Smiling Continuously

This is not just about smiling once in a rare while. The woman is bound to smile continuously throughout the Zoom date because she is interested in you and what you have to say. 

You need to look out for the crinkles at the corner of the eyes. A smile without crinkles could be fake. 

The crinkly smile is called the Duchenne smile. The Duchenne smile signals true enjoyment because it reaches your eyes. 

Scientists have discovered that the Duchenne smile has many benefits. Most importantly, it can make the woman in your life seem sincere and trustworthy. After all, she is signaling her attraction to you.

2. Biting Her Lip

It is a playful gesture but it definitely means that the woman could be interested in you. It could also mean that she wants attention from you.

There are actually many other reasons why a woman could bite her lip. It could also stem from nervousness and anxiety. Perhaps she is nervous because she wants to impress you on video.

According to body language expert, Karen Donaldson:

When you bite your lower lip, if even for a millisecond, that’s a telltale sign that you are interested. This move is a showcase of seduction and sexual attraction.

3. Staring or Looking Into the Camera at You

Sometimes it is really hard to pick out if someone is looking at you or something else on video. However, there are some clues.

Look for the dilation of her pupils. Pupil dilation could be a sign of love. Men love larger pupils and a woman could be subtly signaling her interest by widening her pupils while she is staring at her love interest. 

Large pupils are described as “more feminine, soft and pretty.” According to science, oxytocin and dopamine are the love hormones that cause the dilation of pupils. 

To ensure that you are staring at someone on video, make sure that you look at the camera and not at the image on the screen. By staring at the camera, you are most certainly directly looking at your love interest. 

4. Dressing Up For You

This is a no-brainer. A woman who is truly interested will dress up for you even if you are only going to see her on video. Even if its only a casual date and her outfit looks comfortable and simple, you will notice that she takes the extra step to add something of pizzazz.

That something extra could be a necklace, shiny earrings, or a scarf. She could also be wearing some makeup.

This is all part of the plan because she likes you and wants to attract you. 

Be especially aware if she wears red or something equally colorful and bright. 

According to Julie Spira who is a digital matchmaker, the go-to color for a Zoom date should be red. No black wardrobe here. Women who wear red or fuchsia tend to get more online hits. 

5. Head Movements

Body language of the head is very important on-screen because you can really only see the upper half of the person. For signs, you want to look for tilting and nodding. When a woman tilts her head, it is a sign of interest. The tilting of the head may also signal vulnerability. 

The head tilt is actually supposed to be a sign of submission because it is exposing the throat and neck. The tilted head exposes the carotid artery on the side of the neck. 

Sometimes a woman may also prop her head up by the hand. In this case, it may signal that she is going to be interested in what you have to say. 

Nodding is another head movement that signals agreement and when it is accompanied with smiling, you can bet that the woman is in sync with you.

In general, you want to look for positive head nods. These could look like small head nods and a smiling countenance or slow and lengthy nods. 

And Finally

Don’t forget that conversation on a video call should be just like any other dating conversation you would have in person. Stay out of controversial topics and keep it light especially if its just your first few dates.

I leave you with a quote by dating expert Cheryl Muir who says:

While there are obvious differences when it comes to connecting over video, and there is no physical touch, we do have our words, our heart and our emotions. 


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